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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland MMO announced

Press Release Summary:

Virtual Fairground has announced it's upcoming MMOG title coming to a browser near you: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland MMO .  V.F. has built and launched another Flash-based MMO, Club Galactic recently and is drawing on that project to build out the Alice game.  AAiW (yeah, I just needed to abbreviate that -- it's not official.. I'm just lazy) is being targeted at girls as "an online hang-out with a darkly romantic and mysterious style."  Uh... what?

So, I suppose if you're a girl and you like your romantic games to be dark & mysterious... well, I suppose you have your target.  Look for this one sometime in mid-2010.  Read more of the press release after the break...

A Quick Look At Faunasphere

Have you ever wondered what all those pets you collect in the various pet-having games do when you store them away into their little virtual storage spaces?  I suppose I hadn't really wondered that either until I wrote that, but I do now.  I think it might look a little something like Faunasphere

Big Fish Games is crafting what looks to be a quite interesting MMOG in the "free-to-play most of it, and pay for more of it -- right in your web browser!" genre of online multiplayer games.  Yeah, I think that's roughly a "genre" at this point.  I'm not looking forward to someone cranking out an acronymn for it -- and I'll spare you the pain of me trying to be funny and acronimificate my afore-mentioned genre description.  You're welcome.

At any rate, let's chat about the game for a little bit...

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