MassMOG Glossary

[this is an experiment to test setting up a community-driven "book".  I figure a glossary is a good starting point, but I'm still setting it up.  I'll remove this message when it looks to be working like I expect it to.  Thanks. Hoza]

Massively multiplayer online games have a language largely of their own.  There are a lot of acronyms and terms pulled generally from various online communities over the years, but there are certainly many words and phrases rather unique to MMOG's.  "MMOG", for instance is something this book endeavors to shine light on for those of you "out of the know." 

The MassMOG Glossary aims to gather up common and obscure references to all things "MMOG", "MMORPG", "MassMOG", "MPOG"... you get the idea... or you'll soon get the idea if all that sounded like gibberish.

If you're interested in posting your knowledge on the subject, sign up for a free site account and you'll be on your way to helping fill in the database.  Cool, eh?  Just be nice or you'll get booted from this place faster than Leroy Jenkins can wipe the whole raid.  That's fast, trust me.