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Eternal Destiny Begins Open Beta Testing

Press Release Summary:

 Don't hold me to this, as these aren't my words: "Eternal Destiny, The Most Anticipated Browser Based MMORPG In 2011 Begins Its Open Beta Testing On"  Yeah, I don't know which official source of poll data is pulled from to produce this coveted "most anticipated" title, any more than I understand how the guy down at the corner cafe can claim in foot-high painted windows that he serves "The Worlds Best Cup of Coffee!"

At any rate, maybe you know about this game and are very much anticipating its release?  I'm way too short on time to play even a small percentage of the games out in the world right now, so hopefully this is something you folks will be interested in and want to take part in.  After all, people are always asking me if/when there are going to be open betas they can dive into.  Here you go!  The open beta runs through to the 24th of March, so get crackin'.

Of special note this time is that they're offering up some special goodies for these early testers that will persist in their accounts through to the launch of the game.  That's pretty slick, I figure.  Check out the full press release after the break and go to the site to get signed up. (No special codes required. Just run over and sign up.)

A Quick Look At Faunasphere

Have you ever wondered what all those pets you collect in the various pet-having games do when you store them away into their little virtual storage spaces?  I suppose I hadn't really wondered that either until I wrote that, but I do now.  I think it might look a little something like Faunasphere

Big Fish Games is crafting what looks to be a quite interesting MMOG in the "free-to-play most of it, and pay for more of it -- right in your web browser!" genre of online multiplayer games.  Yeah, I think that's roughly a "genre" at this point.  I'm not looking forward to someone cranking out an acronymn for it -- and I'll spare you the pain of me trying to be funny and acronimificate my afore-mentioned genre description.  You're welcome.

At any rate, let's chat about the game for a little bit...

The Chronicles of Spellborn Launches

News from Acclaim is that The Chronicles of Spellborn has launched with a special promotion. Sign up for a new account (free) before May 7th & get a free 2-week "premium subscription" to try out the full game. Essentially, without paying for premium 'scrip, you're capped at level 7 and can only play in the designated "free play" zones. So, hopefully you can get past level 7 in a single play session so you can get on to checking out the premium game to see what it's about!

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online Launches

[I was going to summarize, but hey... you know I'm lazy, so here's the pasted press release: --Hoza]

Disney Online today announced that Pirates of the Caribbean Online (, an immersive massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) and virtual world inspired by the popular film franchise, has launched for the PC and Mac platforms. Pirates of the Caribbean Online allows thousands of players to fully experience the adventures made famous in the films and explore beyond these boundaries in a quest to become the most legendary pirate on the high seas.

[full press info and feature list after the jump...]

Intent Software’s free MMORPG Astonia goes live

A bit of "congrats!" is in order as the team at Intent Software has launched their new Astonia world Urd out from beta. The announcement from Alexander J. von der Geest at Intent says: "During the one month beta test Astonia attracted 10.000 registered players. Astonia is free to play. Players can upgrade to paid premium accounts, which offer even more game features."

Well... that's it for a quick "press release comes in, so I post it" moment. Now, if you can all just get me to do that every day, you'll be standing in freezing rain of fire, 'cause it will be a cold day in He... wait. That's not really what I meant to say...

BatMUD: The Age of Exiles

[Let's just get to the point... here's the announcement as it came into my mailbox:  --Hoza] 

BatMUD ( , the now 17-year old online Fantasy game Veteran has renewed its strategies in order to respond to the Commercial onslaught of MMORPGs of the later date; and has turned partially graphical. By providing an up-to-date Java-based lightweight Game Client, it shifts the whole MUD Community towards the younger MMORPG generation.

In their prime, text-based hack & slash MUDs were thought as the most advanced multiplayer online games feature-wise, already having implemented with such features as City ownership and very deeply customizable guild, skill and spell paths; and by utilizing the 'most powerful graphics engine' of all time - your own imagination. BatMUD has lived up to its promise, by still being one of the most diverse games available on the Internet, with constant development during its 17-years of existence. Generally, back in the day, MUDs were thought as terribly hard to adapt to due to the text-based playing style, but BatMUD's new Game Client shifts the odds on this and does its job remarkably well without losing the old magic feeling of playing a true MUD.

Screenshots and feature list available at , the Client is a Free download and playing includes no hidden charges. Take a look at this ancient game, which truly re-introduces the word newbie into your consciousness, properly written.

Dungeon Runners launches

Just a quick note to send you out for some fun play... Dungeon Runners has launched and it's quite a lot of fun! I haven't gotten time to play it much yet (darn worky gunk!) but what I've seen got me really giddy inside. The humor in the voice-overs and the world in general is a ton of fun that had an interesting effect on my level of acceptance/enjoyment, I think. The art is really nice, the gameplay is generally solid and... well, fun! Fun. Good word, that.

So, I'll leave you to go try the free version of the game instead of reading me say little of consequence about it. Actually "free version" isn't quite right, since you can download the game and play for free... you just don't get all the bells & whistles unless you stoke the fires with a paid membership . Even then, the membership is only $4.99/month which is downright refreshing in its own right.

There really appears to be a ton of fun wrapped up in this puppy... but you risk nothing to find out for yourself. I'll get deeper into it as soon as I can, and not because I have to -- because I want to. That's a Good Thing. The loot system alone makes me want to collect stuff just to see what wacky mad loot I'll find... and then there's Karl. I laughed pretty good at Karl... at first he seemed a bit "off" for inclusion in the game, but soon I was happy to have him as a companion. I realize you have no idea what I'm talking about, so I'll let you go find out. Have fun!

PoxNora Launches

PoxNora Screenshot 6: PoxNoraPoxNoraHot on the heels of my (late) news of the PoxNora open beta, Octopi has officially launched their online strategy game PoxNora and announced a slight price shift in the downward direction. Where starter packs and booster packs were $9.99 and $4.99 respectively, their prices have been reduced to $8.49 and $2.99, also respectively. That's a lot of respect.

I should be slapping down some of the screenshots I was sent, but I'm tired and you will get good mileage out of the video linked to in the previous post anyway. Just go to the site and check the game out for yourself, since free client download beats screenshots any day... well, I think so, anyway.


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