Alice's Adventures in Wonderland MMO announced

Press Release Summary: 

Virtual Fairground has announced it's upcoming MMOG title coming to a browser near you: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland MMO .  V.F. has built and launched another Flash-based MMO, Club Galactic recently and is drawing on that project to build out the Alice game.  AAiW (yeah, I just needed to abbreviate that -- it's not official.. I'm just lazy) is being targeted at girls as "an online hang-out with a darkly romantic and mysterious style."  Uh... what?

So, I suppose if you're a girl and you like your romantic games to be dark & mysterious... well, I suppose you have your target.  Look for this one sometime in mid-2010.  Read more of the press release after the break...

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Virtual Fairground ( announces today that it is developing Wonderland MMO (, a virtual world and MMO game for teenage girls based on the famous story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Wonderland MMO started development in 2008 and is set for launch mid-2010. As is the case with Virtual Fairground’s other MMO game production Club Galactik (, the world and game are entirely Flash-based and will run directly from any browser.

With Wonderland MMO Virtual Fairground aims to create an online hang-out with a darkly romantic and mysterious style. “We really want to create a different kind of online game experience for girls”, says Ilja Goossens of Virtual Fairground. “There are already so much sugary sweet virtual worlds for this demographic or those that are just about shopping and buying things. We believe girls have more varied interests and preferences. Something that is clearly proven by other media such as books, tv-shows and movies.”

“As a company we have a philosophy of building worlds and MMO games based on existing brands and stories”, continues Maarten Brands. “So we looked at some of the classics and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was one of the stories that popped out, something that we could really use to create our vision of an alternative online game for girls.”