Star Trek Online Screenshots and New "Ask Cryptic"

Just to be brief about this -- partly because I'm really tired, but partly because I'm embarrassingly out-of-the-know about Star Trek Online -- there is a new "Ask Cryptic on the Cryptic Studios' Dev Blog.

"What's the new Ask Cryptic about?", you ask? Well, first I'm wondering why you're asking me about what was asked of Cryptic, but here's a quick summary anyway. Now, I didn't write this summary because, as I told you, I am woefully inadequate in the Star Trek Online infoz. I also have no idea what any of this means. Does that make me a jerk among MMO news editors? Yes, yes it does.

-- Today we’re answering community questions about powers, the Nemesis system, leveling, weapons, archetypes, and more!

-- "The current plan is for players to be able to choose emanation points, hues, and alternate effects for some powers. For example, if a player chooses a force beam, they can elect to have it originate from their character’s eyes or as a chest beam instead of coming from the hands. The color, or more specifically the hue, of the force beam can also be set by the player. For powers that don’t have such obvious effects, such as Martial Arts, the sweep of color that trails behind the move is what would change."

Um... huh? Damn, I need to go read up on that game. Also, does anyone know why in Poo's name I'm telling all you about my ineptitude??!? This is just flat dumb of me.

Anyway, here's something I don't need to know much about to enjoy... Star Trek Online SCREENSHOTS!! Nice. There are a precious two new ones for those of you who are pissed off because I don't already know about "teh greatest game evar!!1!" yet.

I sort of promise that I'll be clued-in about the game next time we talk about the subject. You're welcome.

Oh, by the way... if you're a fan of Captain Christopher Pike, you really should get your butt over there and vote in the poll for your favorite captain! The poor bloke is trailing massively in the contest.