First Post!!!!!!!!!!!111!1! ... ugh. stop that!

This is a quick test post for the newly-enabled personal blog thing for  I'm not sure how and where this will be useful, but I really thought my personal musings might find a better home off the main news posting channels.  Ya know?  Who wants to read about how I'm not getting enough gaming time in?  ....well, you can just check out my blog directly now.  Ain't that frickin' grand?!?  No, it's not grand?  Oh well.  It's something better, maybe, and that's good.  We'll see how it works and then I'll post here more often if I likey.  Also, the potential is there for me to open up blogs for "special members" who have accounts here.  I'm not sure who those folks would be, but I'm thinking developers who send in regular news, for one... no promises here, but I'm just throwing around ideas.  We'll see how it goes.

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