Warmonger and LEGO Universe Info From NetDevil

I'm a bit out of order on this, but I wanted to point out that Jumpgate Evolution wasn't the only game that NetDevil revealed at their sweet 10th anniversary party last night.  They also let us play an 8-player setup of Warmonger and they showed some great little movies of where the LEGO Universe MMO game is heading.

I'm actually just going to point you guys to the great article & liveblog posted by Brian over at Kotaku.  That guy makes me realize how weak I am at updating my site, since he does things like post the video for a game an hour before said video is shown for the first time.  LOL... that's a scoop!  Freak, he is.  ;)

Anyway, he's got some great views on what we saw at NetDevil, and I can't think of why I should try to do any more for now.  I'll write up my own thoughts more later... both Warmonger and LEGO Universe have me very excited, but for different reasons, and I need to go outside to enjoy this nice Saturday afternoon for a bit.