Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Closed Beta Signup

[update 10/17/07: Gods & Heroes has been "shelved indefinitely" so that likely means "cancelled."  I'll add a post elsewhere about this, but I figured people finding this post in the archives might want to know this. --Hoza]

Another closed beta signup today. This time, Perpetual Entertainment is opening up the Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising closed beta signup form . There's a lot of buzz about this game so again, I'm sure most of you will already be gone.. off to sign up and read their legal documents instead of keeping me company. Oh well, I don't blame you. The only reason I'm still here is that I already signed up! :P

More info:

Those eager to test their might against the forces of Roman mythology can sign up at: http://community.godsandheroes.com/betasignup

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, the upcoming massively multiplayer online game from Perpetual Entertainment, lets you take on the role of a son or daughter of an Olympian god. Featuring an innovative squad combat system and attack animations that give you control of every move, Gods & Heroes challenges players to overcome and conquer the enemies of Rome. Along the way, players will battle iconic enemies including the Gauls, Greeks, and Samnites, as well as the Cyclops, Minotaur, Hydra, Medusa, and other creatures from Roman mythology. Each player will command the powers of the gods and their own custom squad as they fight to save Rome.