Site theme issues... and ads

I was really wanting to fling a shiny new site theme up here and move on to some content additions... well, it kinda failed.  The theme I tried was rather nice, but there was an irritating bug in it that I couldn't overlook.  I know it would have added to confusion for people dropping comments or news items... not cool.

So, we're back fairly close to where we started.  The "old" theme of  pre- few days ago is back online.  I changed some small things  that I think enhance readability, as well as add to the appeal of things, (for me, anyway.)  It will work for a while longer, until I get another burst of energy to mess with such things.

 Another thing I want to talk about:  advertising.  I know most people hate it, but I'll just admit that I need it.  Money helps turn the gears and all that, ya know?  For now, it's all just Google ads, so nothing should be overly offensive to anyone... you might actually see something of interest to you, since they're contextual.  By all means, if you see something you want to know more about, follow that link!  It helps me out and gives you a journey to embark on... great for both of us!! 

If I can get to customizing this site template a lot more, I have better plans for where to put the ads, but for now, they sittin' where they sittin'.  I sincerely hope people don't get turned off to just because of those little things.  Complain about having to read useless site-info posts like this if anything!!  (well, please don't complain about that... I have to tell somebody about this stuff, and you're all just so handy!)

At any rate, thanks for hanging in there if you've been watching colors flash and layouts change at every refresh for a while there.  I'll go back to work now.  :)