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Here's a flurry of news bits from all over the place... I want to see how this all looks when it's posted.  Thanks to Blue's News for much of this ripped news... I've praised and linked to Stephen's site for a long time, so I hope he'll forgive me as I strip out some news to help get me accustomed to my new system as fast as possible.  If you don't visit Blue daily, you're missin' out!  Of course, you should come back here, too... he doesn't get ALL the news, ya know?!?

Game & Studio News: 

EVE Online


  • RPG Vault's 9Dragons Q&A - Part 1 discusses plans for Acclaim to launch this MMORPG in North America.
  • MMORPG.COM's 9 Dragons Q&A talks with Howard Marks, CEO of the revived Acclaim brand, about one of their upcoming MMORPGs: "The main difference is how the player will acquire the right fighting skills. Each clan has its own style but the player is not just going to a trainer and is given a fighting skill, the player must earn the skill through mini games and practice to acquire the full use of the skill. This is definitively different than other games. The game offers over 400 unique martial arts styles and over 500 different items of martial arts weaponry. This kind of depth gives our game a unique differentiation."
  • Screenshots of 9 Dragons at MMORPG.COM.

Star Trek Online

  • MMORPG.COM's Star Trek Online Q&A talks with Daron Stinnett about Perpetual Entertainment's upcoming MMORPG: "Playable races are those that you might expect to see on a Starfleet starship and will likely include Human, Vulcan, Klingon, Bajoran, Bolian, Trill, Tellarite, Andorian. The controversial issue is our decision to have Star Trek Online focus exclusively on Starfleet at launch. The immense scope of MMOs means that if you want to build a multi-faction game, then those factions had better be carbon copies of each other from a game mechanics point of view. But the "coat of paint" approach just doesn't work with Star Trek. Starfleet is very unique, as are the other factions and we didn't feel that anyone wanted a watered down experience in order to achieve a multi-faction game. Starfleet, with its focus on starship life, space combat, exploration, and away missions, presents a challenge to MMO conventions that has pushed us to come up with fresh ideas that will give players a very new online experience. And ultimately, innovative gameplay and respect for our license are the things that will provide the greatest value for players."


  • MMORPG.COM's EverQuest Bi-Weekly Q&A #4 continues this ongoing discussion of SOE's MMORPG: "Many of the live events we run these days are large scripted events rather than being run by GMs. These events typically tie into the ongoing story for the world. The most recent example was the Retake of Grobb. That had events that spanned nearly all of the old world zones and lead up to a massive war to retake Grobb for the Trolls. Previous to that, a series of events lead up to Lanys' assault on Firiona Vie and the fall of that city into the hands of her evil forces."
Spacetime Studios
  • Gamecloud's Spacetime Studios Q&A chats up Gary Gattis of Spacetime Studios about their new deal with NCsoft and plans for the future: "We want to leverage our experience together and the guidance of our publisher to create a game that is entertaining to the masses while being deep enough to satisfy the hard-core players. Along the way we want to level up everyone in the studio as professionals while maintaining a corporate culture that allows us to have a life outside of work."

Guild Wars


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