Old forums pushed further into the corner

The old Invision Power Board-based forums are being further phased out today.  I'm working on getting the data (that I want) moved over here, but I'm not sure when that will happen.  For now, there are a ton of incoming links pointing to those forums and I want them in here instead.

Thus, I've moved the forums to a new URL and I'm keeping them around for now (available in the Old Site Links menu on the right.)  If you want to register for this site, do so on the main page and get involved in our new forums if you want.  I'll take suggestions of a desirable forum structure and category list, since I'm still not sure how to best handle that.  Forums haven't really been too strong around here in the past, so if you have ideas/desires on that front, please speak up.

 Thanks again for visiting and I hope you come back.. with friends!