Old forums turned into archives

As the final site move becomes more evident, I've locked up all the old forums and turned them to archives. I want to get those old posts moved over to something more permanent (likely not active, necessarily, but permanent archives of some sort.) Also, I've disabled new user registration since there's no more point to registering on that old system. I should have done that a while back, so I'm sorry to all the new users who will have to re-register so soon... ugh.

Thanks for those who've posted on the old forums... but it's funny that most people didn't post anything. There were consistent new registrations but almost no posts! I found that interesting. Why register if you're not going to post? I guess folks want to reserve usernames or something, eh? Anyway, there wasn't much activity over there anyway, so I'll just get it all moved somewhere new and we can start anew.