re-re-vamp #21-b.1

Mods and more mods... everything's getting flipped upside down around here again! Yay. Notice there's not a "!" at the end of the "yay"... that's right, excitement isn't wholly present for this bit of adjustments. I'm fairly stoked about finally digging into the theming system of this here Drupal content manager thingamadoo... that's long overdue as I've been piloting a default theme all this time.

What this also means is that you'll likely be seeing some rather ugly stuff fly by if you happen to log in at the "wrong" time. Me being all adventerousy and such (or stupid?), I'm not takin' the site down during changes... you get to see it all live. Ain't that grand? I figure it livens up the place for the lucky few who stumble across a day with a lime sherbert colored column on the side.

Yummm... lime sherbert. Now I think I'll just go find some frozen snacky treats instead of fixin' the theme more. ('course, by the time most folks read this, they're gonna wonder what the heck I'm talkin' about.)