Logitech NetPlay PS2 keyboard/controller on the cheap

[update (8/01) -- their lower price just dropped!.. This thing is a great accessory for $16!] 

This is yet another of my "not quite a review, but it's a reason to talk about a product I like" spots... and it's a heads-up for any of you in the market:

Overstock.com has some of the super-sweet Logitech NetPlay keyboard/controller parts for the very nice price of $20 or less... I'll explain that in a sec.  If you have need for a keyboard device to use with a Playstation2 game, like Final Fantasy XI or EverQuest Online Adventures, for instance, this NetPlay unit is really quite good, IMHO.  The keyboard detaches so you can also throw that sucker in your bag to use as a very compact separate keyboard for your laptop if ya want (USB keyboard)... don't know why you'd want to do that, but if you need a tiny little 'board, this will fit the bill there very nicely.

 So... here's the deal.  They (Overstock) has the NetPlay Controller listed twice as of today.  In one case, you get it for a couple bucks less than the other, so until they sell out of the cheaper one (or fix their error), you get lucky by me being so observant.  Here are the links (funky spelling courtesy of Overstock.com :)...

Logitech NetPlay Playstion2 Keyboard PS2 Controller ($20.95)

Logitech USB NetPlay Controller for PlayStation 2 ($15.95) (updated link 8/1/05)

 In case you haven't figured it out yet, that controller was originally about $70 and still sells for about $40+ in a lot of places.  Also, in case you're curious, I'm not getting any affiliate cash from this post... just wanted to help out the PS2 MMOG'ers out there get some goodies.