Irth Online Starts Beta 3

 Irth Online is ready for another round of beta testing as they move into the third iteration.  Of note for a lot of readers will likely be the inclusion of artistic assets from the cancelled Mutable Realms game, Wish.  (BTW, here's an article pondering What Went Wrong with Wish.)  Since the game (Irth Online) is slated for launch in "mid-September", this is to be the final beta if all goes well.  I need to get my butt in there to check it out, but maybe others can chime in about their experiences?  Go ahead, register and post a comment if you want!

 Full press release:


DEDHAM, MA – AUGUST 12, 2005 – The third Beta test for Magic Hat Software’s MMORPG Irth Online will begin on August 13, 2005, and run through September 9, 2005.  Gamers are encouraged to apply for Beta 3 on the Irth Online website.

“Our enthusiastic testers have continued to provide us with lots of new ideas and suggestions, and we are really appreciative of their efforts,” says Alan Chipura, Lead Game Designer.  “The 38,000-square-kilometer world of Irth is filling up with new monsters, spells, and exciting adventures.  We expect this ramp up to continue at the same ferocious pace as we go through Beta 3.”  

 One of the highlighted additions in Beta 3 is the incorporation of graphic assets purchased from recently-cancelled MMORPG Wish, including the introduction of an underground Dwarf City.  The Irth Online development team anticipates that former Wish players will enjoy seeing some of their favorite characters, avatars, and action sequences come back to life in Irth Online.  The inclusion of previously acquired Wish assets into earlier Irth Betas has been well received by gamers, especially by players who have converted their support from Wish to Irth Online.

Player housing and player looting have also been added to Beta 3.  Every account can claim a house, and can furnish it by bartering for or purchasing items, or crafting them.  Players who kill an enemy can now claim their victim’s uninsured possessions. 

This is expected to be the final Beta for Irth Online before its planned release in September.  Beta testers are welcomed to apply at, the official Irth Online site, where visitors can keep up to date on the latest developments and other game news.