Panda 3D game engine

I've been working for a long while on putting together the developer-centric portion of no, this isn't the announcement of its inception.  I'm just telling you that so I can justify suddenly posting about a 3D game-development-engine-thing instead of pointing out the latest bit of game info.

Anyhoo, I'm really stoked about the availability and development of the free Panda 3D Engine.  It's the engine originally used to create Disney's Toontown Online, which I really enjoyed, by the way.  Further development is under the wing of Disney Imagineering and the Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center

This is a very full-featured engine and ought to provide many folks a great step into the world of game development.  Panda3D is intended to focus on a short learning curve and rapid development, which I haven't yet proven for myself... I have to set aside time to play with it first.   

If nothing else, go check it out to see the screenshots, videos and gander at a few of the projects currently using the system.  You can download the full engine or some of the games that have been showcased.