Asheron's Call expansion delayed into July

Why am I posting a note about this when there's so much news out there about various MMOG thingies?? Well, I'm jonesing for an Asheron's Call (1) fix in a major way. AC1 was the first time I really got involved in a massively multiplayer game. I played that sucker a bit near the end of beta and I picked it up soon after launch, playing it for about a year.5. I dug that game a lot.

There were various reasons why I quit the game, but I have missed it on many occasions through the years. Over the past 9 months or so, I have wanted to drop back in there so when Turbine announced an expansion to the game, I decided that will be my reason to subscribe for another round. I'm not sure if I'll get hooked again, but I want to find out.

I'm just dropping this note as more of a therapy-rant to make me feel better. I was getting jazzed about playing AC1 in a couple weeks, but now I'll have to wait about 9 weeks or so longer... bummer. Maybe I won't hold out that long, but I want to see the game fresh after all these years with all the new whiz-bang goodies of the expansion. Go to their site to see more about what's up if you want to learn more.