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"Wage Slaves" on

Ever wonder where all that gold you're buying with real cash for you Lineage II characters is coming from? has an article looking into the highly profitable world of professional MMOG farmers. Wage Slaves looks at "farming sweatshops" that utilize extremely cheap labor to make extremely high profits in the gathering and selling of in-game assets. Some shops utilize C.O.C.-breaking techniques by taking advantage of bugs and exploits, while others just use brute force by throwing barely-paid people at the problem. Either way, there's a sick amount of money being thrown around for online goods. Very interesting article.

Samantha Ryan interview on

The ladies over at Killer Betties have been sending me news for a little while now... I'm sorry to have been lax in adding those bits to this site, but it's only fair, since I have been neglecting ALL the news stories coming in! I like what I've seen over there so far and I have been wanting to give them a little traffic boost as they get off the ground (site appears fairly new). If nothing else, a little Google page rank help can't be all bad, eh? Keep it up ladies. :)

Aaanyway... Killer Betties is a self-proclaimed "Entertainment Magazine for Women", but since I'm not much of a woman, (aside for the usual repressed parts), I couldn't say if it fulfills that mission statement or not...

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