Child's Play Charity

Support Child's Play in Denver this Thursday (Nov. 19)

Any gamers (or wannabe rock stars) near Denver might consider attending this year's Kotaku Child's Play Fundraiser -- formerly part of the national FundeRazer effort. The Child's Play Charity is amazing and well worth your investment. The event is on November 19th (ack, tomorrow??!?) at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom starting about 8pm.  $10 is the "suggested donation" minimum at the door, but more will be welcomed, so don't be stingy!

This year, Child's Play was only one week in and had already raised $500k in money and gifts for children's hospitals all over the world. Awesome. Hospitals on the donation list include locations in Denver and Colorado Springs, which are the ones getting proceeds from this event. Check the map at Child's Play to select a hospital you want to give to.

Drop by the Kotaku event to party with a great group of folks supporting a great cause and play Rock Band or DJ Hero on a big stage! For many of you, it might be the closest you get to performing in a band! It's pretty fun and the crowd has made it a blast for each of the past two years.

Anyway, it's a fantastic fund raiser and should be a lot of fun, as usual. Please help spread the word, as we'd love to fill the house and raise some cash... oh yeah, and there are a bunch of prizes you might win. Bonus!

Thanks for considering it and please spread the word.

WoWathon - To Level 80 For Child's Play!

I love this idea: gaming marathons for charity.  I've seen a couple similar projects roll by recently, but I missed one that you guys/gals will maybe want to contribute to:  WoWathon. "Three Players; Two Characters; 80 Levels; Benefiting Child's Play"  I love it!

The concept for this "WoWathon" was spawned when the participants came across the Mario Marathon that recently raised about $30,000(!!) for the Child's Play Charity when they crushed through all seven Super Mario games in sequence.  Amazing.

This event looks something like this:

"We're going to be gaming around the clock (rotating 8 hour sleeping shifts) until we hit level 60. We're going to be broadcasting live from our dining room in the hopes of inspiring you to donate as well. If we reach our quota, we'll raise our targeted donation cap and game until we hit 70 (and so forth with level 80). We've started a small pot, but we're depending on you to help us reach our goal of $1000 (and beyond!)."

Currently, they've passed level 40 and are working their way to the $1,000 mark.  Donations are handled through ChipIn, so don't worry about the money not getting to where it belongs.  Child's Play is a fantastic charity, raising many hundred thousand dollars over the years -- well into the millions, actually -- in support of Children's Hospitals and other childrens' centers in hospitals all over the world.  Spread the word on this WoWathon effort, as well as generally supporting Child's Play and consider yourself as having done a Very Good Thing.

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