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Free massive multiplayer games are often advertising-driven or even reliant upon donations to keep moving. Most of the free games are text-based (running in a web browser) but many are showing up in 2D graphic engines an even some sweet 3D engine-based games. I'll try to keep this section clear of "free for base play, but pay to get cool stuff" games, unless the free play is significant.

Eternal Destiny Begins Open Beta Testing

Press Release Summary:

 Don't hold me to this, as these aren't my words: "Eternal Destiny, The Most Anticipated Browser Based MMORPG In 2011 Begins Its Open Beta Testing On"  Yeah, I don't know which official source of poll data is pulled from to produce this coveted "most anticipated" title, any more than I understand how the guy down at the corner cafe can claim in foot-high painted windows that he serves "The Worlds Best Cup of Coffee!"

At any rate, maybe you know about this game and are very much anticipating its release?  I'm way too short on time to play even a small percentage of the games out in the world right now, so hopefully this is something you folks will be interested in and want to take part in.  After all, people are always asking me if/when there are going to be open betas they can dive into.  Here you go!  The open beta runs through to the 24th of March, so get crackin'.

Of special note this time is that they're offering up some special goodies for these early testers that will persist in their accounts through to the launch of the game.  That's pretty slick, I figure.  Check out the full press release after the break and go to the site to get signed up. (No special codes required. Just run over and sign up.)

Tinywarz update announcement

Vladimir from sent over this press release about some big updates to Tinywarz, including "practice planets" for players to hone their skills:

Aliens Invade Tinywarz!

An alien race calling itself the Sha'Kahr has invaded Tinywarz! New and experience players should be warned - these invaders use technology far superior to anything previously seen. While their current objective remains unknown, it should be noted that the aliens are extremely hostile and all players should use caution when dealing with these "visitors."

Also recently updated - Practice planets have been added to the game. These planets allow players to test out vehicle configurations or conduct duels; without risk of losing valuable units or crews.

TinyWarz is a massively multiplayer, turn-based, strategy-game where players battle each other and computer controlled bandits on distant worlds. In Tinywarz you can create an army, construct / customize units, assign crews, design bases, and battle to control planets. Watch your hired crews improve in combat and select special abilities for your command crew as they gain experience. Grow your army with salvaged units or buy them from other players through the in-game market.

Join the battle today at

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