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BatMUD: The Age of Exiles

[Let's just get to the point... here's the announcement as it came into my mailbox:  --Hoza] 

BatMUD (http://www.bat.org/) , the now 17-year old online Fantasy game Veteran has renewed its strategies in order to respond to the Commercial onslaught of MMORPGs of the later date; and has turned partially graphical. By providing an up-to-date Java-based lightweight Game Client, it shifts the whole MUD Community towards the younger MMORPG generation.

In their prime, text-based hack & slash MUDs were thought as the most advanced multiplayer online games feature-wise, already having implemented with such features as City ownership and very deeply customizable guild, skill and spell paths; and by utilizing the 'most powerful graphics engine' of all time - your own imagination. BatMUD has lived up to its promise, by still being one of the most diverse games available on the Internet, with constant development during its 17-years of existence. Generally, back in the day, MUDs were thought as terribly hard to adapt to due to the text-based playing style, but BatMUD's new Game Client shifts the odds on this and does its job remarkably well without losing the old magic feeling of playing a true MUD.

Screenshots and feature list available at http://www.bat.org/batclient/ , the Client is a Free download and playing includes no hidden charges. Take a look at this ancient game, which truly re-introduces the word newbie into your consciousness, properly written.

Unification Wars.

Ameh is requesting the publishing of this post about Unification Wars.  As is usual for my recent working binge, I haven't had a chance to play the game or even to look very far under the hood of the Web site.  I'm not sure if there's any risk involved here, but I'll encourage you to proceed under it.  As I've said many times in the past, I enjoy helping the nooks of our beloved genre to get some recognition, so here goes... slightly busted English and all.  Don't be a language snob and just give Ameh a chance, eh?

The saga of Galactic Conquest continue with Unification Wars when the United War Council(UWC) collapsed after the year 11,000 A.D - 1000 years. The universe was at peace, harmony and love for all the species under govern of UWC. By the nature of the universe some off the species with strong empire are greed for power and wealth overcome their peaceful nature. They begin to attack weak empires to fulfill their needs. This is just the beginning, we are the one that have continue the Saga so the universe become a safe place again.

Unification Wars is 2D Massively Multiplayer Online Game that brings lot of satisfaction to the players. The games give all the needs that players wanted. It have 2 version in HTML for basis GUI and JavaScript for more interactive GUI. Even it is just a text based game but the graphics are more than that. Recently Unification Wars just updated their game with new features. For me it is very addictive and challenging game. But the most important part for gamers is that this game is FREE for life without trial period limitation.

For whom that are interested I suggest that to have a sneek look at this game at Unification Wars for more proof!!

Iron Realms launches new portal for text-based MMORPGs

 IronRealms Entertainment just put up a redesigned site to support their free text-based MMORPG offerings. 

 “We take the ‘gameplay over graphics’ mantra very seriously,” said Matt Mihaly, CEO of Iron Realms.  “Our games offer a level of immersion unrivaled by even the most popular of the graphical online games on the market.”

With tens of thousands of players and growing, gamers around the world are already making a bold statement about the importance of a ‘virtual world’ over an ‘online game.’

Full press release follows...

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