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Lord of the Rings Online special preorder pricing deal

So Turbine has revealed what they're calling "revolutionary" (why does everyone have to keep using that word??), the Preorder Founder's Program. It is really quite cool. Essentially, if you preorder the game (after Feb. 1, '07) you'll qualify for signing up as a Founder. This entitles you to some cool bits in-game, but most interesting to me is the modified pricing for these early adopters. The subscription for these folks will be either $10 a month OR $199 for a LIFETIME subscription. Neato!

I friggin' like that... well, I don't like how it puts a number on how much money a 'scrip ends up costing us all tidy like that, 'cause it's sure a lot of money to play a game. However, I find this to be really, really appealing. I'm guessing if I play the beta and see more about the game, I'd be very likely to pony up the dough and just figure I'll play it for at least a year... but then will be able to keep playing it even if it dulls a bit, instead of dumping the subscription and leaving all that investment behind.

Now, this lifetime deal only works if the game maintains its own life. I'm not sure if I have to bring up Asheron's Call 2, but ya know... let's just say I didn't buy a lifetime 'scrip for that puppy.

Read more to see the whole press release. There's some good stuff I left out of this paltry intro...

NCsoft hands out virtual Halloween treats

If you're playing any of the NCsoft online games, there are Halloween events all around. Here's a quick list-o-links of the respective event announcements for each game, all nicely formatted for you:

ArchLord Beta Opens Up For Stress Testing

I'm waaay behind, so I'm just going to be lazy and post the press release thingaroo right here.  You can get what you want from that, I'd bet.  ArchLord is the game...

Codemasters Online Gaming are excited to announce that we are throwing the doors open to the ArchLord BETA in preparation for the climactic end of BETA event that is scheduled to take place very soon!

The planned epic stress test will offer the last opportunity for people to enter the game before the final release and will give players the opportunity to take part in this climactic, large scale PvP event planned to celebrate the end of BETA. The final location and time are still to be announced however one thing is for sure this will be one of the biggest PvP battles ever seen within any MMORPG.

Taking part is easy… Go get your BETA key now at and then follow the instructions to create your character and then enter the BETA. From here you will then need to join one of the four guilds taking part in this epic battle. The guilds are headed up by the champions of Chantra below:

  • Brumhart - Champion of Zylok
  • Ziann Champion of Anchorville
  • Evengarda Champion of tullan
  • Gaiahon Champion of terranoa


To enter the battle you will need to apply to join one of the four guilds lead by the champions above. For a full list of instructions on how to enter the event visit the ArchLord Forum for full details!

Get ready to join the thousands of players who have already pledged their allegiance and entered the ArchLord BETA. Make ready your weapon and prepare to fight for your very survival……

Visit here for more information on how to join a guild

Get your BETA key now at

Spaceminers Online Space Empire Building Game new round starting

I'll be honest, I don't know anything about this game.  SpaceMiners looks very interesting, but I haven't given it a whirl yet... I'm such a fantastic journalist, ya know?  However, these guys sent me news that piqued my interest, so maybe it will do the same for you:

The latest round - round 17 - of Spaceminers the fantastic empire building game set in space has opened signups!

Ticks of 30 minutes are due to start on 11th August in a game that allows you to take over the unverise with your amazing fleets or simply become crushed by your enemy.

In the wake of the Spaceminers World Cup, where the England team cruised to victory and all won T-shirts, the community is pushing for the next fantastic round. With a great community and good solid coding, Spaceminers is the ultimate strategy, team working and adrenaline pumping Space game. Come check us out and you'll never turn back 

Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar enters alpha phase

Busting out their big bad Alpha muscles, Turbine has powered The Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar into the alpha phase of development.  Already, over 125,000 players are said to have registered to get in on the upcoming beta program, so I'm sure alpha news will make quite a lot of hearts go pitter-patter.  Speaking of the beta, if you haven't yet signed up, here's where you'd do it. 

 I honestly don't have anything else to say about this at the moment... maybe I'll go sign up for beta, too.  We can all go have a big signup party on their site.  Par-tay.

PoxNora Launches

PoxNora Screenshot 6: PoxNoraPoxNoraHot on the heels of my (late) news of the PoxNora open beta, Octopi has officially launched their online strategy game PoxNora and announced a slight price shift in the downward direction. Where starter packs and booster packs were $9.99 and $4.99 respectively, their prices have been reduced to $8.49 and $2.99, also respectively. That's a lot of respect.

I should be slapping down some of the screenshots I was sent, but I'm tired and you will get good mileage out of the video linked to in the previous post anyway. Just go to the site and check the game out for yourself, since free client download beats screenshots any day... well, I think so, anyway.


PoxNora video and open beta news

Octopi has released a new gameplay trailer showcasing their upcoming online strategy game called PoxNora. If you're up for a run-through of that puppy, get a move-on. The open beta only goes through this month and the game will be launching on August 1. This is another "free play" game where you get a basic set of goodies (in this case, they're "Runes") and you can purchase additional game content in packs as you see fit. This is becoming a rather popular method of running online games... and I can't say I wholly disagree with it. I would much rather keep an account running on a game with less capability than have to pay monthly when I'm not able to play much. That's a whole 'nother discussion there, so I'll drop that like it is the hot.

Here's a clip of info to get you running to download PoxNora. It sounds (and looks, from the trailer) pretty sweet:

The game is played out across a variety of maps where champions do battle to collect Nora, a vital resource used to bring Runes into play. Runes allow players to summon champions, equipment, relics and spells to the battlefield. Champions gain experience during play that can be used to upgrade or learn new attributes and abilities, meaning that as your play style evolves, so do your champions. The construction of your battlegroup and careful use of powers and attacks are vital to success.

PoxNora runs on Java-enabled Internet browsers on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers. The game is free to download, install and play. For more information, visit the official website -

Shot Online preview thing

I've mentioned Shot-Online in these pages before, but I hadn't discussed it for about a year now. I got a prodding from PR folks to give it a try and I'm happy to say it's really fun! The game isn't quite launched in its full retail state (should be September 12, 2006) but there's a lot of activity in the game now. It's been in widespread beta and stress testing for a long while now, so there are plenty of people in there knocking balls around 450+ meters while my initial driving range shots were closer to 170m max. I'm not sure if that means I just suck, or that they have great equipment and built-up skills... I'm sure it's the latter! ...can't be that I'm a poor player. Can't.

Shot Online screenshot So, my initial look at the game is very pleasant, although brief at the moment. I haven't committed any of my hard-earned in-game cash to buy upgrades yet, since I have no real idea when my user skills will be the fault of my poor scores, requiring some equipment shopping. The game is on the "free to play" list of MMOGs, with in-game cash won through playing but ultimately you can add cash to your account by removing cash from your wallet. Upgrades to your character's wardrobe and equipment, as well as course fees and tournament entry fees will eventually start to drain your character's bank account. At that point, there are a few ways to gain money - one being to plop down some real world cash. When the retail box comes out, you can pay $29 (retail) to get a lot of goodies with the box that people downloading the free client won't get up-front. Again, the initial free experience is looking very good so far. Definitely give it a shot. (bah.. unintentional pun)

I'll smack some balls around later to get a more thorough look at the inner workings soon. I just figured you could use a quick reminder of the existence of this game so you can go snag the free client download and get on the course! Good stuff. I'll talk about it more soon.

Oh yeah... I'm late on this (sorry) but there's still time for you to power-level your way into the Shot-Online Summer Kickoff Festival. You have to register by 7/26/06 so it's cutting close.

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