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Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Closed Beta Signup

[update 10/17/07: Gods & Heroes has been "shelved indefinitely" so that likely means "cancelled."  I'll add a post elsewhere about this, but I figured people finding this post in the archives might want to know this. --Hoza]

Another closed beta signup today. This time, Perpetual Entertainment is opening up the Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising closed beta signup form . There's a lot of buzz about this game so again, I'm sure most of you will already be gone.. off to sign up and read their legal documents instead of keeping me company. Oh well, I don't blame you. The only reason I'm still here is that I already signed up! :P

More info:

Those eager to test their might against the forces of Roman mythology can sign up at:

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, the upcoming massively multiplayer online game from Perpetual Entertainment, lets you take on the role of a son or daughter of an Olympian god. Featuring an innovative squad combat system and attack animations that give you control of every move, Gods & Heroes challenges players to overcome and conquer the enemies of Rome. Along the way, players will battle iconic enemies including the Gauls, Greeks, and Samnites, as well as the Cyclops, Minotaur, Hydra, Medusa, and other creatures from Roman mythology. Each player will command the powers of the gods and their own custom squad as they fight to save Rome.

PoxNora Drums of War Expansion Launched

The "biggest expansion yet" to PoxNora has gone live (a couple weeks ago, sorry). Here's the skinny:

Turn-based strategy gem PoxNora boasts a variety of new features in its latest expansion launching today. The Drums of War introduces premium user accounts, two new gameplay modes, three new maps, a spectator mode, 80 new runes (10 per faction) and a faction ranking system where players influence the game's future storyline.

In the world of Pox, the land is divided into eight factions that players can join. With this expansion, points are now awarded to their respective factions as players win battles. PoxNora's storyline will change over time depending on these faction rankings. The Sundered Lands faction are the winners of the first battle.

Catching on to the game's mechanics is easier with the launch of spectator mode. This allows users to watch current matches so they can better grasp how to play before battling it out against experienced PoxNora fans.

Players can also watch PoxNora's new game modes "King of the Hill" and "Capture the Flag" in all their glory. In "King of the Hill," players must capture a strategic point on the map and hold it for a set period of time to triumph. For "Capture the Flag" players fight to reach a flag on the battlefield and bring it back to their shrine to score points.

Premium members will receive a special edition warbanner relic that will greatly enhance their faction-based battlegroup. When the warbanner is in play, all deployed champions for the player's specified faction receive +5 hit points, +2 attack and +2 defense. Premium members also gain access to the individual rune store, giving them an alternate way to complete their collection.

Warhammer Online Beta Registration Opens

I'm sure only a few thousand (few 10's of thousands? 100's??) of you will be very excited to see that Mythic is opening up the mega sluice gate that is the Warhammer Online beta registration .  Whoa!.. hold on now!  Don't friggin' trample me on your way out to get to that sucker!  

Bah... what am I saying?  None of those thousands of people are still here now.  They've clicked that link and are signing up already.  I guess I'll just keep writing stuff for the other 18 of you who are still reading.... I really don't know what to say to you, though.  I'll go dig up another story real quick so you have something to read.  I'll be right back... 

Dungeon Runners launches

Just a quick note to send you out for some fun play... Dungeon Runners has launched and it's quite a lot of fun! I haven't gotten time to play it much yet (darn worky gunk!) but what I've seen got me really giddy inside. The humor in the voice-overs and the world in general is a ton of fun that had an interesting effect on my level of acceptance/enjoyment, I think. The art is really nice, the gameplay is generally solid and... well, fun! Fun. Good word, that.

So, I'll leave you to go try the free version of the game instead of reading me say little of consequence about it. Actually "free version" isn't quite right, since you can download the game and play for free... you just don't get all the bells & whistles unless you stoke the fires with a paid membership . Even then, the membership is only $4.99/month which is downright refreshing in its own right.

There really appears to be a ton of fun wrapped up in this puppy... but you risk nothing to find out for yourself. I'll get deeper into it as soon as I can, and not because I have to -- because I want to. That's a Good Thing. The loot system alone makes me want to collect stuff just to see what wacky mad loot I'll find... and then there's Karl. I laughed pretty good at Karl... at first he seemed a bit "off" for inclusion in the game, but soon I was happy to have him as a companion. I realize you have no idea what I'm talking about, so I'll let you go find out. Have fun!

Aion Teaser Website Launched

The Aion: The Tower of Eternity teaser website has been launched by NCsoft. There are a bunch of screenshots, concept art pieces and some in-game movie goodies for you to check out. For a "teaser" site, there is quite a lot of info on there.

United Football - free online soccer

Quick note about the open beta available for the online soccer/football (whichever term gets you in the right game), United Football . It's not really "massive" in terms of the number of players playing at once, but let's face it, football is huge... and this is an online game, so there's my reasoning for calling this a "massive multiplayer online game". :P Here's a blurb:

United Football is a free to play 5-a-side multiplayer football game where each player on the pitch is controlled by a gamer located anywhere around the world. United Football also includes in-game AI controlled “bots” for those times when there are not enough players around to make up full teams, as well as in-game chatrooms, messaging and a buddy list to keep track of your friends. The game is now in open Beta and Staggan’s ethos is “Release early, update often and be led by the community, since after all, they play the game!”

Many new features are planned including leagues, tournaments, additional game modes and much more.

If you are interested in trying out your soccer skills go to, register and play.

Stargate Online TCG Enters Open Beta

The Stargate Online Trading Card Game has been turned loose to you ravenous, beta-hungry folks.  It's a digital/retail, virtual/real trading card game from my friends at Sony Online Denver.  They're getting progressively better and turning up the quality for these online TCGs and it makes me happy.  I'm still not much of a player of TCGs but I know the outs and ins well enough to get good enjoyment from their games.  The other games they've made have gotten great reviews from people who know better than me, so maybe that's worth more than my rather biased "my friends rock!" approach to the subject.  Anyway, here's a blurb from the press release:

Public beta is now open for the STARGATE(TM) Online Trading Card (TCG) Game. Based on MGM's popular sci-fi television series, the game will be released in conjunction with a physical version of the card game from Comic Images on April 18. Available via digital download, digital starter decks of the STARGATE Online TCG will be $10.99 and digital booster packs will be $3.49.  Once the game launches in April, players collecting full sets of digital cards can redeem them for physical cards via the game's "Through the Gate" redemption program.

The STARGATE Online TCG immerses players in the vibrant STARGATE universe as they assemble their favorite characters into teams and send them on missions throughout the galaxy. Breakthrough gameplay allows characters to "learn" from their successes and enhance their abilities as the game progresses. With three unique ways to win, and nearly 300 cards in the initial set, players have an endless supply of strategies available as they take on alternating roles of both heroes and villains of the STARGATE television series.

Each 60-card starter deck includes four team character cards based on the main heroes of the show, such as scientists Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson, Air Force officer Jack O'Neill, and the alien warrior Teal'c. Each 11-card booster pack contains additional characters, in-game obstacles, new adversaries, and gear for your squad.

Avelia Pet Adventures

This game looks freakin' sweet, honestly. Now mind you, I haven't played it yet, so that's just a "hey, cool concept and neat look/feel! I hope it's fun!" -kind of statement. Hopefully some folks will give it a whirl and write in to tell me about it. I'll get into it as soon as I can, but hey.. work to do this week and all. Blah, blah.

Anyway, Aggressive Game Designs has announced they hit the 1,000 registered users mark in their pet-raising MassMOG called Avelia Pet Adventures . You can design your own pet and customize it a lot, or start with another person's pet design and tweak it from there. Pretty interesting. I'll just post the press release below in my usual, lazy fashion. It's a free download, so go try it and let me know what you think, eh?

(This time, I'm going to post the full release AFTER the jump, so hit "read more" to get the rest.)

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