Middle Earth Online

Turbine is creating the much-anticipated Middle Earth Online, based on the fantasy world of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings masterpiece.

Lord of the Rings Online special preorder pricing deal

So Turbine has revealed what they're calling "revolutionary" (why does everyone have to keep using that word??), the Preorder Founder's Program. It is really quite cool. Essentially, if you preorder the game (after Feb. 1, '07) you'll qualify for signing up as a Founder. This entitles you to some cool bits in-game, but most interesting to me is the modified pricing for these early adopters. The subscription for these folks will be either $10 a month OR $199 for a LIFETIME subscription. Neato!

I friggin' like that... well, I don't like how it puts a number on how much money a 'scrip ends up costing us all tidy like that, 'cause it's sure a lot of money to play a game. However, I find this to be really, really appealing. I'm guessing if I play the beta and see more about the game, I'd be very likely to pony up the dough and just figure I'll play it for at least a year... but then will be able to keep playing it even if it dulls a bit, instead of dumping the subscription and leaving all that investment behind.

Now, this lifetime deal only works if the game maintains its own life. I'm not sure if I have to bring up Asheron's Call 2, but ya know... let's just say I didn't buy a lifetime 'scrip for that puppy.

Read more to see the whole press release. There's some good stuff I left out of this paltry intro...

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