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Quick forum set up to get things rolling... discuss what you want here, but be nice!

New 1000 AD a text based game

 Try New 1000 Ad its a free multiplayer turn based strategy war game based on civilizations around the year 1000 ad.




Bah... think the forums got dumped.

Grrr... freakin' spammer showed up so I killed off his posts.  Now the other forum posts aren't showing up, even though they're in the database still.

 Argh.  I hate spammers.  What a wonderful lot they are.  Bad wonderful, that is.

 I'll either get the old posts back or we're starting over in here... not sure what use the old posts were in general.  There wasn't really anything of value in there (aside from a few Ragnarok 2 fansite links).

 Blecht.  /me spits on the spammer!

New forums... hopefully

Just trying this out... I think it will work out okay.  I want to change the look/layout, but that's not as important as just getting it working.  After all, this site never really was much of a magnet for forum posting.  :)

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