Another theme "adjustment"

"Hurray!", I'm sure you're saying. Yet another adjustment to the site theme has just occurred. Many of you watched it happen in front of your eyes, but since I'm not inclined to do things the "pro" way, I didn't bother to take the site down while tweaking. This is all live, baby!

(ugh.. I did indeed say "baby".. shame and all that ensues.)

So, I still think the text is way too big (as of this moment) and it's pretty stark, but I like where this might be heading compared to the last one. I would really rather go with a completely different theme, but hey, I'm not a theme designer and I don't have time to mess with this too much. The older green one was just bugging me. I need to round off some of these sharp edges or this one will start to bug me too.

Anyway, thanks for the visit! I'll get on to posting some news soon.