Limited Champions Online Subscription Deals announced

Press Release Summary: 

Oh... crud.  Again I'm faced with the temptation to pony up the dough for a "lifetime subscription" for a game that I haven't yet played.  How the heck am I supposed to know if I want to play it for the rest of my life?  Oh, and of course, you had better damn well keep the game going until at least one day after my last heartbeat or I'm going to be complaining to someone... someone important, I tell you!

*ahem*.. Anyway, the point of this is to say that Cryptic has unveiled the special "Limited Champions Online Subscription Deals" that include both discounted 6-month 'scrips as well as the ever-tempting "lifetime" subscription.  Details after the break...

Limited Champions Subscription Deals
August 5, 2009

We at Cryptic Studios and Atari are excited to announce our Champions Online six-month and lifetime subscription plans. Players who sign up for our long-term subscriptions will receive special perks, including eight additional character slots, special costume sets and guaranteed access to the Star Trek Online closed beta!

"Beyond the deep discount on the subscription rates, we wanted to come up with added incentives and exclusives that, as gamers, we could get excited about," said Jack Emmert, Cryptic Studios' Chief Operating Officer. "With an early commitment to Champions Online, granting guaranteed early access to our next big game, Star Trek Online, seemed like a great way to engage Cryptic’s biggest fans in other projects at the studio.”

Here are the great features our loyal customers will receive.

Discounted Lifetime Subscription

  • Guaranteed Star Trek Online Closed Beta Access
  • Eight Additional Character Slots
  • Foxbat Vanity Pet
  • Art Deco Costume Set
  • Retro Future Costume Set
  • STO Mirror Universe Costume Set

Discounted Six-month Subscription

  • Guaranteed Star Trek Online closed beta access
  • Retro Future Costume Set

Don’t miss out on these great deals! You can purchase your subscriptions now!

Discounted Lifetime Subscription
$199.99 USD
$219.99 CAN
£119.99 GBP
€147.99 EUR

Discounted Six-month Subscription
$59.99 USD
$65.99 CAN
£35.99 GBP
€44.99 EUR



Champions Online brings epic heroism back to the MMORPG with fast-paced, epic combat. A boundless character creator takes the experience to the next level; players can even choose the appearance and style of their powers to complete their vision! A unique Nemesis system also lets players tap into a powerful customization tool to craft their own enemy, an ultimate adversary who will appear throughout a hero’s career. For more details about Champions Online and the exclusive Champions Online pre-order event, please visit the official website at