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Submitting stories to the new

I'm working on getting things settled around here. The new system rocks for the most part, but it's still begging to be populated with goodies. I've been away for over a week at the Game Developers Conference, which fired me up real nice. I get a lot out of that show every year and this year I have some new ideas about where to take moving forward.

For now, I wanted to post up front about how you can get your two bits in. There is a lot of mail that flows into my 'puter and I just don't have time to get through it all. I want to remedy that as much as I can, but it't not easy to do. What I want to try for a while is to open up the floor to some news posts from you folks. Read more to find out how...

News feeds coming online

I've been toying with getting the news feed "aggregator" working like I want it... it's sort of strange. I honestly haven't done much with RSS news feeds and the like, but it's something I appreciate.

So, if you want to see where it's heading, you can click the "news feeds" link at the top-o-the-site or just go here now. There are only a couple sites being syndicated now, but I'll figure out better ways to do this as we go on. For now, you get Buzz Cut, which is one of my favorites for flat-out game theory discussions -- and Killer Betties, who've been discussed here recently. I'll get more online "soon."

Old forums turned into archives

As the final site move becomes more evident, I've locked up all the old forums and turned them to archives. I want to get those old posts moved over to something more permanent (likely not active, necessarily, but permanent archives of some sort.) Also, I've disabled new user registration since there's no more point to registering on that old system. I should have done that a while back, so I'm sorry to all the new users who will have to re-register so soon... ugh.

Thanks for those who've posted on the old forums... but it's funny that most people didn't post anything. There were consistent new registrations but almost no posts! I found that interesting.

New site coming online... well, now, I guess

I hadn't planned on throwing this thing in the air so abruptly, but "oh well," I figure, "may as well get it running ASAP instead of dragging it along for another few years, eh?" That's me having a conversation with myself there, in case you missed what was happening.

Sorry about the mess, but maybe it will be "fun" for some of you to watch as this thing takes shape? Obviously, features will be coming online (and going offline) as I get used to the new digs, but overall, this will hopefully be a MUCH better system. Mainly, I'm looking forward to having it be more condusive to quick updates by myself, as well as maybe a few carefully selected drones.

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