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"Game List" makes its debut

I'm working a lot on the backend of and here's a bit more proof... I've added what I hope to be a helpful new glossary section called the Game List.  This is done in the new (to me) "glossary" style so every time you see the name of a game on the list, like the newly-added World of Warcraft, you will see a link to its entry in the Game List (yeah, you should have just seen said link).  I'm hoping this will speed my authoring times ultimately, but it will also help a lot to build up the core content base of this site.

I'm not anxious to move fully into the reviews of games, but this list will help me throw down my thoughts on the game, while adding various links in a central location that is searchable on the site.  I'll figure out how to best format these pages, but for now, you can see the root of the Game List here and check out the WoW page to see how it might look.  Registered folk are also welcome to post comments on the game pages, but I'm not sure what you're going to want to write in there.  If you want to comment on this feature itself, here's the place to comment.

Of course, this is all rather new, so bear with me as I figure out the besterest ways to handle this newfangled thingie.  Thanks! :)

Working on the site again

I'm working on a couple back-end things for the site... sorry if you see funky wonkiness for a bit here.  I should have the dust settling soon.  The Glossary is sorta live now, but I may have found a better way to do it, so it's going to be in flux, too.

Sorry for the mess.  :P 

New graphical site theme

If you've been here before, you'll notice the look of the site is morphing right now... I hope you like it.  I'm still not sure how much I'll commit to customizing the theme of the site totally, but I'm liking this theme I found a lot more.  I know it's moderately unprofessional to use a common theme like this, but I just don't have too much time on my hands.

 Anyway, please bear with me if you see stuff moving around a lot or colors changing, etc.  I wanted a better theme for a long time, so it's all good that somethings being done at all.  Thanks for dropping in... post a comment if you want to give feedback on all of this.



Quiet around here...

... don't worry, I haven't fallen into a stupor or gotten lost in the woods.  I'm just freakin' swamped with work right now.  I have a major deadline coming up making some games for a client, so I'll get a breather soon.  I'll still have a ton of work to do in December, but it ought to be a slight tad more sane than things have been for the past several weeks.

Thanks for dropping in... sorry about the slow posts around here.  It's great to have so many folks stopping by so I hate to leave you hanging.  If you have quality news to report, sign up for an account and post your story for my review.  Make sure to read the guidelines on posting and help me out by writing good stuff... yeah, I am the judge of "good", but just be wary that I don't have time to rewrite things now so if you write sloppy crap, it will likely just get ditched.

 No promises that I'll post your news, but I appreciate the help if you want to give it!  :)

Email server has fudge in it

This sucks... my email server is acting stupid right now.  There is no email going in or out of anything  That affects anyone who's signing up for new user accounts right now, as well as anyone who has been sending news/press stuff to the usual places.

 If you've been trying to set up a user account and have not been successful, send an email to massmog (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll push the "accept" button for ya.

 Also, for now, if you're a newsy person trying to get your info posted, just send to the above addy for now.

Thanks... and sorry for any trouble. 

Mass email fun

Oh wonderful day.  I sent out a mass-mailing to all the old forum users in hopes of getting them (you?) to set up new accounts with this system instead... I'm getting reports that the auto-mailer thing didn't BCC addresses, but instead pasted them out in the open.  Not cool.

 Seriously.  Not cool.

 I'm very sorry about that, but tests I ran before doing the Big Mailing didn't appear to have any problems like that.  I hope this doesn't cause any problems other than the initial justified grumblings.  That type of thing really pisses me off, so I don't want to make those errors myself.

 At any rate, hopefully everyone who wants into the new system will find their way here and get signed up.  Thanks for visiting! re-re-vamp #21-b.1

Mods and more mods... everything's getting flipped upside down around here again! Yay. Notice there's not a "!" at the end of the "yay"... that's right, excitement isn't wholly present for this bit of adjustments. I'm fairly stoked about finally digging into the theming system of this here Drupal content manager thingamadoo... that's long overdue as I've been piloting a default theme all this time.

What this also means is that you'll likely be seeing some rather ugly stuff fly by if you happen to log in at the "wrong" time. Me being all adventerousy and such (or stupid?), I'm not takin' the site down during changes... you get to see it all live. Ain't that grand? I figure it livens up the place for the lucky few who stumble across a day with a lime sherbert colored column on the side.

Yummm... lime sherbert. Now I think I'll just go find some frozen snacky treats instead of fixin' the theme more. ('course, by the time most folks read this, they're gonna wonder what the heck I'm talkin' about.)

April 1... laughy-laugh

Happy Fool's Day!

No jokes, no stories (yet)... nothing but this post to say "thanks for stopping by."

I know, that's cheese. However, I want you to know I'm working hard to get this new system firing on all cylinders. No joke.

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