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The Machine is Us/ing Us

I'll just cut to the chase... watch The Machine is Us/ing Us real quick and come back to read the rest of this if you want (if I don't lose you for 4 hours while you watch all manner of goofy YouTube videos about hamsters or boobs or dancing teenage Timberlakes-to-be.)

 That video (film?) has completely floored me.  I was at GDC earlier this month and Raph Koster gave a talk about "Where the Game Meets the Web" -- which I don't even know how to summarize, honestly -- and he played that video on the big screen.  It really hit the audience hard, I think.  I know the vid's been circulating a bunch and I'm likely late to the show (as usual) but I think it's frickin' genius.  Absolutely go watch it.

I'm not sure why I'm posting this here, except that the whole Internet is starting to look more and more like a giant MMO of sorts!  Ya know... I'll shut up now, since that video does a great job of saying something... something each of you will get slightly differently, I'll guess.  Go watch it again now.

Snow, wonderful snow!

I'm just dropping a post to say "hello" and thank you folks for stopping by.  I know it's been really slow around here.  I'm sorry to leave you hanging, but I've been incredibly busy with other work for a while.  I just wrapped up a couple big projects, but now I'm taking a break for the holidays.

 So... Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Yippity Skippity Doo... whatever you're doing this time of year, just have a great time and I'll see you soon.  Happy New Year!!

Oh yeah... the "snow" thing eludes to the fact that there are 4-foot snow drifts outside my front door!!  Wheeee!  It snowed around 2 feet last night & yesterday here in Denver, Colorado (USA) and I freakin' love it.  I grew up in the mountains West of here and when I was a kid, there were a lot more of these big storms than we've been having recently.  

Anyway, it's a white Christmas for me.  :) 

Slacker. Me.

Yeah, I'm a lame duck.  I'm not posting here several times a week like I was for a while there... I know I got your hopes up.  I got my hopes up as well.  Paying work has me buried and I'm struggling to get other things done.

 However, trust me... having me getting paid for other work is the surest way to get me posting to my sites like MassMOG.com!  Have patience, Grasshopper.  If you have news you think I should post, send it on in and I'll do my best.

 Otherwise, I have nothing to say at the moment.  I'll dredge through my email and see if something interesting pops up that I can quickly post.  Thanks for stopping in.  Keep coming back please... I really appreciate it.

Need to write something...

Some thing.


Bah.  I'm waaaay behind on getting stuff added around here but I'm just not too excited about much of anything these days with all the freakin' work I have to do elsewhere!!  Gah!

I know you don't want to come in here to see what whining I'm spewing forth for the week, so I'll stop now.  Just know that I am indeed paying attention and I'll find something interesting to post soon.  I just don't want to post all the misc. press releases I get every day like a mindless fool.  I want to have something to say about stuff instead of just plopping down the marketing drivel I get handed in most of my email.

"Bah," I say.  Maybe I need to look for some writers to help out... are you interested?  Maybe you should contact me  and tell me about yourself.  If I like what you have to say, maybe I'll send you a request for writing samples and we'll go from there.  No promises... I've not yet felt very comfortable with the idea of taking on more writers, so I might not do it at all unless the right folks come along.  Talk me into it, eh?

Time, she's a flier

Gah! Nearly October already?!? Holy poo. I'm waaaaay behind on a few things, eh? I know, I know... I've said that before. Well, there it is again.


I'm painting my house. Is that worth any Excuse Points?? I'm freakin' tired and such. My hands aren't working very well for typing after scraping paint and old, cruddy caulk. Yada, yada.


...does any of that help? I hope so. I swear I'll get some posts up soon. Please have the patience with me and I'll get some stories online soon.

Thanks for dropping in.

The server is depressed

I'm just gonna vent for a bit here... I'm sick of server problems. The site's been going down a lot (along with many sites on the server, both mine and those of my clients) and I'm sick of it. I've been working out solutions to the mess, but it's not really become obvious what needs to be fixed. It is, in brief, teh suck.

All the updating/posting/blabbering I need to be doing on this site and my others is getting set aside to deal with this junk. Please keep coming back and I'll get back to doing more updates and fun such stuffies. Your continued visits help motivate me to get back in here and post stuff for you to read.

Thanks for visiting and please keep coming back -- bring others with you, eh? Thanks!!


WoW patch 1.12 live

Bah! Just when I decide to pull the plug (albeit admittedly temporary), Blizzard churns out their very, very cool looking world PvP goodies in the new 1.12 content patch for World of Warcraft. I don't know how you could possibly need me to give you a link there by now, but here's one anyway. I'll cleverly disguise it just to be a dork.

My druid is going dormant for a while

Well, I finally pulled the plug on my WoW druid.... (read more)
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