The Machine is Us/ing Us

I'll just cut to the chase... watch The Machine is Us/ing Us real quick and come back to read the rest of this if you want (if I don't lose you for 4 hours while you watch all manner of goofy YouTube videos about hamsters or boobs or dancing teenage Timberlakes-to-be.)

 That video (film?) has completely floored me.  I was at GDC earlier this month and Raph Koster gave a talk about "Where the Game Meets the Web" -- which I don't even know how to summarize, honestly -- and he played that video on the big screen.  It really hit the audience hard, I think.  I know the vid's been circulating a bunch and I'm likely late to the show (as usual) but I think it's frickin' genius.  Absolutely go watch it.

I'm not sure why I'm posting this here, except that the whole Internet is starting to look more and more like a giant MMO of sorts!  Ya know... I'll shut up now, since that video does a great job of saying something... something each of you will get slightly differently, I'll guess.  Go watch it again now.