Last Chaos beta loot

I tried several times to summarize or rewrite this so it made more sense out of context and such. I basically failed, so I'm reverting to the tried/true method of copy & paste. Does that make me lazy? Perhaps. Whatevah. I'll do what I want.

Last Chaos is a free download/play game that's getting closer to launch. It's in beta now, so you can go snag the client and get started right away. Get your little avatar butt to level 15 and you could score some loot with Team Aeria Games. Good stuff... "free", I said. Go get some...

With the approach of the Last Chaos launch and the opening of the item mall system Team Aeria Games would like to give players a chance to line their pockets with the much anticipated Aeria Points. As always the Game is Free to play and to download.

All that’s needed is to have a Last Chaos account in good standing and at least one character level 15+.

Prizes Range from $5 - $50 worth of Aeria Points with hundreds of winners possible. And even a few more IPods to sweeten the deal

Winner will be drawn over the next few weeks up until launch.