Avelia Pet Adventures

This game looks freakin' sweet, honestly. Now mind you, I haven't played it yet, so that's just a "hey, cool concept and neat look/feel! I hope it's fun!" -kind of statement. Hopefully some folks will give it a whirl and write in to tell me about it. I'll get into it as soon as I can, but hey.. work to do this week and all. Blah, blah.

Anyway, Aggressive Game Designs has announced they hit the 1,000 registered users mark in their pet-raising MassMOG called Avelia Pet Adventures . You can design your own pet and customize it a lot, or start with another person's pet design and tweak it from there. Pretty interesting. I'll just post the press release below in my usual, lazy fashion. It's a free download, so go try it and let me know what you think, eh?

Austin, TX - Aggressive Game Designs is happy to announce that over 1,000 unique accounts have been created in its brand new pet-raising MMOG.

Avelia Pet Adventures is a free and unique massively-multiplayer adventure for the PC. Avelia Pet Adventures lets you design, breed, and raise your own pets. You can trade your pet designs, play mini-games with your pets, and collect magic potions. The official website is http://www.aggressivegames.com/avelia.htm

Avelia Pet Adventures has a full-featured editor which you can use to design any pet you can imagine. The editor is intuitive, yet powerful, and most of all fun to use. You can choose heads, eyes, wings, and more, from a palette of hundreds of unique parts. Once you design your pet's shape, you can create a new version of that pet at home on your personalized farm.

Once you have a new pet, you can take it out into the world, a side-scrolling common area. There you'll see other players and their pets. You can talk, wander around, and play mini-games throughout the world. Mini-games are simple, varied, and challenging, and you can win money and special magic potions. Back home on the farm, use the magic potions you've collected to create new pets, with special colors, patterns, and stats.

"I've been working on pet games for many years," said the game's creator. "And I've always recognized that bringing multi-player communities and pet raising together would result in an explosion of creativity and fun. So finally, I embarked on this very special project."

Avelia Pet Adventures includes a robust economy that supports the artist. When you've created your pet design, you can make it publically available for a small amount of game money. Then, other players who like your design can create their pets from your design, adding their own colors and patterns, and upping the stats, using their collected flowers. When they pay for your design, you get some of that game money! Good artists can make a fortune in game money.

Avelia Pet Adventures will soon feature micro-payments, so users can pay for an extended list of special potions and pet parts.