Dungeon Runners launches

Just a quick note to send you out for some fun play... Dungeon Runners has launched and it's quite a lot of fun! I haven't gotten time to play it much yet (darn worky gunk!) but what I've seen got me really giddy inside. The humor in the voice-overs and the world in general is a ton of fun that had an interesting effect on my level of acceptance/enjoyment, I think. The art is really nice, the gameplay is generally solid and... well, fun! Fun. Good word, that.

So, I'll leave you to go try the free version of the game instead of reading me say little of consequence about it. Actually "free version" isn't quite right, since you can download the game and play for free... you just don't get all the bells & whistles unless you stoke the fires with a paid membership . Even then, the membership is only $4.99/month which is downright refreshing in its own right.

There really appears to be a ton of fun wrapped up in this puppy... but you risk nothing to find out for yourself. I'll get deeper into it as soon as I can, and not because I have to -- because I want to. That's a Good Thing. The loot system alone makes me want to collect stuff just to see what wacky mad loot I'll find... and then there's Karl. I laughed pretty good at Karl... at first he seemed a bit "off" for inclusion in the game, but soon I was happy to have him as a companion. I realize you have no idea what I'm talking about, so I'll let you go find out. Have fun!