Play Shadowbane Free!(!!)... huh?

No, this isn't one of those "click here and win an iPod" ads, where you get there and they are collecting email addresses or plotting to overthrow the world, or whatever it is those companies do.  This is a real announcement.  While I had to take a few times looking around to make sure there wasn't some funky catch, it does in fact appear that you can play Wolfpack Studios' Shadowbane completely free now!  That's quite a boost to the "fee online games" realm, eh? 

Don't believe me? This is the clip circulating around, straight from the source:

There will be a more in-depth announcement coming soon but, in the meanwhile, I wanted to let our community know that this is not an error. Existing users can now open up their Account Manager and their accounts will now be working, allowing them to play Shadowbane for free! This does include those who had previously canceled accounts!

In addition, those who wish to try out Shadowbane for the first time will also be able to. All you have to do is create a new account and then click on Add a Subscription, and you will have free access to the lands of Aerynth! This is not a Free-Trial subscription and it will not run out in 15-days. This is completely free!

If you are looking for a place to download the Shadowbane client, you can get it from FilePlanet by clicking here for the PC version, and here for the Mac version! While these version are labeled for the "Free Trial", they are full versions of the game client and any active accounts can be used to play using them.

No longer will players, existing and new alike, be charged to adventure in the lands of Aerynth! If you happen to be a new player or have not adventured in Shadowbane for many an age, makes sure you check out the Getting Started guide. You can also view the Shadowbane Version and Patch History to see what has changed over the last few years.