ArchLord Beta Opens Up For Stress Testing

I'm waaay behind, so I'm just going to be lazy and post the press release thingaroo right here.  You can get what you want from that, I'd bet.  ArchLord is the game...

Codemasters Online Gaming are excited to announce that we are throwing the doors open to the ArchLord BETA in preparation for the climactic end of BETA event that is scheduled to take place very soon!

The planned epic stress test will offer the last opportunity for people to enter the game before the final release and will give players the opportunity to take part in this climactic, large scale PvP event planned to celebrate the end of BETA. The final location and time are still to be announced however one thing is for sure this will be one of the biggest PvP battles ever seen within any MMORPG.

Taking part is easy… Go get your BETA key now at and then follow the instructions to create your character and then enter the BETA. From here you will then need to join one of the four guilds taking part in this epic battle. The guilds are headed up by the champions of Chantra below:

  • Brumhart - Champion of Zylok
  • Ziann Champion of Anchorville
  • Evengarda Champion of tullan
  • Gaiahon Champion of terranoa


To enter the battle you will need to apply to join one of the four guilds lead by the champions above. For a full list of instructions on how to enter the event visit the ArchLord Forum for full details!

Get ready to join the thousands of players who have already pledged their allegiance and entered the ArchLord BETA. Make ready your weapon and prepare to fight for your very survival……

Visit here for more information on how to join a guild

Get your BETA key now at