Need to write something...

Some thing.


Bah.  I'm waaaay behind on getting stuff added around here but I'm just not too excited about much of anything these days with all the freakin' work I have to do elsewhere!!  Gah!

I know you don't want to come in here to see what whining I'm spewing forth for the week, so I'll stop now.  Just know that I am indeed paying attention and I'll find something interesting to post soon.  I just don't want to post all the misc. press releases I get every day like a mindless fool.  I want to have something to say about stuff instead of just plopping down the marketing drivel I get handed in most of my email.

"Bah," I say.  Maybe I need to look for some writers to help out... are you interested?  Maybe you should contact me  and tell me about yourself.  If I like what you have to say, maybe I'll send you a request for writing samples and we'll go from there.  No promises... I've not yet felt very comfortable with the idea of taking on more writers, so I might not do it at all unless the right folks come along.  Talk me into it, eh?