My druid is going dormant for a while

Well, I finally pulled the plug on my WoW druid.  It wasn't all that easy to do in general, since I have several friends playing and I really do want to spend more time running with them... I just don't have the time right now.  Paying the monthly stipend for the right to log into my account is just getting old right now, since I'm almost never playing anymore.  I log in and sit there looking around, watching chat text scroll by... then I log out after nobody in the guild says "hello".  They're all new faces since last time I logged in, so I don't blame them.

I'm to the point where I've been playing the game for a long time and I just don't feel much "into it" right now.  I know it's fun, but I'm just not feeling the game these days... most games, actually.  I just have too much work to do and too many RL burdens bearing down right now.  Games just aren't getting the attention they need around here.

 Visceral games are getting played... I like Prey quite a bit so far, for instance, and I can't see myself avoiding a purchase of Battlefield 2142.  That seems like a given.

Anyway, I'm acting droopy because I'm feeling droopy... my druid is in a coma somewhere in a dank corner of Kel'Thuzad and I feel kinda bad about that.  I figure I'll be picking up the expansion and I'll give Tulaan a shot of go-juice for a while to see if I get sucked back in or not.

One majorly cool thing (compared to many other services I've had experience with) is that Blizzard is not currently planning to delete the accounts of people who aren't paying.  I sent an email wondering if they'd give a several month grace period and then push the big ole delete key on my account... they say no.  Nice.  That's frickin' awesome, IMO.  I honestly could see myself coming back into the game after a year or something (down the road) and just wanting to play for a month or so and pulling the plug again.  I REALLY wish I could do that with my old Asheron's Call account... in those days, Turbine let us have about 6 months and then the characters could get wiped.  I'm waaaay past 6 months on that one.

 Well.. I do want to say you should find out for yourself about Blizzards current inactive account/character policies when you decide on a move of your own.  I really, really don't think you should take my word on this.  Their reply was very much in the "currently" and "we have no plans" vein... that means later, they may make plans.  Tulaan could be doomed after all, but not right now, and I'm okay with that.