Site maintenance

[update: Mostly upgraded, but still a few straggling bugs to squash. Thanks for any patience you've mustered, if you were around for the worst of the mess. And yes, I'm going to ditch this theme soon and get something looking much better... time, time, time. Thanks for visiting.]

Apologies ahead of time... I'm going to do a massive upgrade of's backend. No, not the site's butt! No amount of plastic surgery could fix the ass of this place. No, I'm talking about the website backend scripts and such.

So, you'll be seeing features dropping away and then coming back.. hopefully. You might also watch the complete site theme fly all over the place or turn orange for a bit... all will be stabilized soon, I assure you. If not, it will revert back to the backups and I'll pretend this all never happened.

"Why don't you do this during off-peak hours?" you ask? Well... because I'm sick of always staying up until 4am to do work like this, for one. Another reason is that I'm just too impatient to wait around while this stuff broils inside my brain!

Honestly, I also figure some of you might find it interesting (or fun?) to watch what happens when a webmaster drinks too much coffee and gets an itch to start running scripts. :)
Anyway, thanks a bunch for your patience if things go nutty for a bit. Just keep coming back later and we'll put this fiasco behind us.

Oh, and...