"Game List" makes its debut

I'm working a lot on the backend of MassMOG.com and here's a bit more proof... I've added what I hope to be a helpful new glossary section called the Game List.  This is done in the new (to me) "glossary" style so every time you see the name of a game on the list, like the newly-added World of Warcraft, you will see a link to its entry in the Game List (yeah, you should have just seen said link).  I'm hoping this will speed my authoring times ultimately, but it will also help a lot to build up the core content base of this site.

I'm not anxious to move fully into the reviews of games, but this list will help me throw down my thoughts on the game, while adding various links in a central location that is searchable on the site.  I'll figure out how to best format these pages, but for now, you can see the root of the Game List here and check out the WoW page to see how it might look.  Registered folk are also welcome to post comments on the game pages, but I'm not sure what you're going to want to write in there.  If you want to comment on this feature itself, here's the place to comment.

Of course, this is all rather new, so bear with me as I figure out the besterest ways to handle this newfangled thingie.  Thanks! :)