"Daily" isn't cutting it right now.

I've mentioned previously that I'd be posting some "daily" news... I don't want to do that.  I think my pilgrimmage to San Jose and the Game Developers Conference has helped me re-spec my character again.  There are plenty of fantastic sites out there that post news all day long and they do a fine job of it.  I don't think I will be one of those folks.

 Hope I'm not killing a buzz I tried to start here.

There's a lot of news and I like the concept of accumulating it on these pages, but it's a lot of friggin' work!  I don't shy away from work, but I have a lot of it already... work that must be done for bills to be paid.  That kind of work isn't optional, but posting daily news bloggy things really is optional at this point.  Maybe I'll find a way to make more cash from this site, but for now, I haven't found a good way to organize myself to pull together a daily link blog deal.

I'm going to walk back to the side of thoughtful posts on topics of interest to me... I just need to do them more often.  I really will try to post far more often, but maybe not daily.  I might set a schedule of 3 days a week or something of the sort, and maybe setting three specific days will help push me... we'll see.

So, sorry to make a mission statement (if that's what it was) about daily blogging and then turn around and ditch it right away, but it's going to take some stress off me at the moment... something that will help my whole life out right now.  A Good Thing, to be sure.  :)

Thanks HUGE TONS for visiting and I sincerely hope I'll come up with stuff you'd like to read about, and maybe to discuss, if I get the forums rolling in the "right" direction.

 Take care,