Ask a Question (for the Glossary)

The MassMOG Glossary is starting to open up its wings a bit wider now, so I'm preparing to create more pages.  One of the first community-driven opportunities is going to be "Ask a Question".  If you have a question about massively multiplayer online games or you would like to know what a term/phrase means that you've seen in-game, post it here and we'll do our best to get it answered.  Please be precise with your request by telling us if the term was heard in a particular game or if you just saw it somewhere on the 'net.  If you have a link to the context of the term, that will help us out with the really obscure stuff.

Any registered user is also encouraged to post comments in reply to the question post... useful comments.  These pages will be moderated to try keeping the contents as clean and helpful as possible.  If you have something to add to the topic, please drop a note and let us know about it!

(read more about Ask a Question...)  

I'd also like to extend the request that regular readers and MMOG veterans consider posting questions that they think should be answered in the Glossary.  If you don't want to answer it yourself, at least you'll be pointing out to us that you think the term belongs in the glossary... that's useful.  If you want to post a whole page for review, you can do that in the "Add a Glossary Page" section instead.

I know you have a golden opportunity to send us on wild goose chases here, but please refrain.  We don't have a limitless supply of time on our hands so we don't want it wasted.  With that in mind, we always reserve the right to bail on a request if we think it's bogus... or if it just pisses us off.  I will also entertain the possibility of banning an account if it really torques me right.  Just be decent about it and we'll help out the community a bit here.

All questions will be screened (and possibly edited) before posting publicly.  Any registered user of will have the opportunity to post comments about the question and a moderator will go through regularly and parse out the answer and update the main post with it/them.  When we think it is answered well, we'll move the question post into the main MassMOG Glossary with its own book page in an appropriate category -- comments intact.

Let's turn this sucker on and see what happens, eh?  Thanks for posting and replies!