Google sitemap turned on

We'll see how this affects traffic around here, but I've implemented the whole Google sitemap thing using a module on the site.  It's pretty slick, but we're already pretty well indexed on Google.  Anything can help, though.  I can use more traffic.

...of course, if I would just stop messing with things like implementing sitemap or tweaking the backend system and add some frickin' articles, I'll be the traffic would find its way here anyway!
Yeah, yeah.  I'm workin' on it.  The new Game List and Glossary are interesting elements, assuming I find good ways to implement them (or utilize them, as it were.)  

Again, I thank you for your visit and hope you'll drop in again.  The traffic's been increasing over the past couple months and I want to keep the trend alive.  I've had much larger traffic levels many times over the years, but we'll try to make this one stick.  Thanks!