opened up

In case you're interested, I've opened up a new site at  It's intended to house a ton of the video game development info I've been collecting over the years... mainly the trove of info about middleware and game design/development tools I've been amassing since about 1998 or so.  I had been working on adding this stuff to a special developer section of MassMOG, but I finally broke down and set up a separate site for that stuff.  I'll be linking over there from time-to-time when I have game developer-centric info to post.

I'm also a member of several academic advisory boards for local colleges & tech schools that have video game design & development courses their implementing.  That's been a mixed bag, as some of them are doing it right and others are scaring me, honestly. is intended to hold a database of some of the school programs I've been learning about.  I'm not sure if I'll get into any kind of reviews (how on Earth would I review them, other than conceptually??), but mostly I want to point out what schools are trying to do.  Maybe I can get interviews or comment/forum posts from former/current students... don't know if it will grow to that point or not.

 Anyway, if you're interested in game development and want to know more, will hopefully start to give you some good research links and info.

Run over there if you'd like to check it out, but be sure to come back over the next weeks as the content starts to build up.  Thanks!  :)