Sony's MMOs to be available in one package

Now this is a great trend... well, I hope it becomes a trend.  Sony Online has announced their plans to sell ALL their online games in a single package (Joystiq).  Very nice!  I know that won't help a lot of people who already bought much of that stuff at full retail price, but it's an interesting move.  Sony already has their Station Pass, where you can subscribe to all their games with one monthly fee that's far lower than separate payments.  I figure this retail pack is a logical step along those same lines.

Actually, if it weren't for the Station Pass, this would only be a great sampler platter for most folks.  If you like even two of these games, the value is quite nice for that sucker.

Maybe I need to throw an email at Turbine about this one, not that they're missing this news, I'm sure.  I would be more likely to pay for a "Turbine Pass" of sorts, to play Asheron's Call, Dungeons & Dragons Online and Middle Earth Online, if there was a single, lesser fee.  I actually wanted to try AC2 again, and an all-Turbine-access ticket really might have brought me onboard that train!  I wonder if AC2 would have had more success if the gates had been opened to all the AC1 players a little more invitingly??

I can't justify $13/month for AC1 but I really want to play it again... bad. [edit: ..but if I could play AC1 and DDO for something less than DDO+AC1, I'd really be interested.]

Bah.. just a thought.