TiE Conference in Denver

I'm going to be attending the TiEcon 2006 in Denver on Friday.  If you're in the area, you may want to attend.  There will be sessions with panelists from several Denver-area developers represented.  Of special interest to this readership include Scott Brown from NetDevil and Scott Martins from Sony Online Denver (formerly Worlds-Apart Productions ).  Also, a couple other friends of mine will be speaking there, including Gary Rosenzweig of Clevermedia and Christopher Williamson of Bonzoid Studios .

No, I'm not just dropping names here, I just wanted you to know that some MMO folks from my area will be speaking on panels.  It's a great event for our local development community and I'm stoked to see how it turns out!  Also, you'll definitely want to come by if you're a student looking for work.  Many of the local shops will be represented there and will reportedly be taking in resumes.  Good opportunity, I'd say.