Shot Online preview thing

I've mentioned Shot-Online in these pages before, but I hadn't discussed it for about a year now. I got a prodding from PR folks to give it a try and I'm happy to say it's really fun! The game isn't quite launched in its full retail state (should be September 12, 2006) but there's a lot of activity in the game now. It's been in widespread beta and stress testing for a long while now, so there are plenty of people in there knocking balls around 450+ meters while my initial driving range shots were closer to 170m max. I'm not sure if that means I just suck, or that they have great equipment and built-up skills... I'm sure it's the latter! ...can't be that I'm a poor player. Can't.

Shot Online screenshot So, my initial look at the game is very pleasant, although brief at the moment. I haven't committed any of my hard-earned in-game cash to buy upgrades yet, since I have no real idea when my user skills will be the fault of my poor scores, requiring some equipment shopping. The game is on the "free to play" list of MMOGs, with in-game cash won through playing but ultimately you can add cash to your account by removing cash from your wallet. Upgrades to your character's wardrobe and equipment, as well as course fees and tournament entry fees will eventually start to drain your character's bank account. At that point, there are a few ways to gain money - one being to plop down some real world cash. When the retail box comes out, you can pay $29 (retail) to get a lot of goodies with the box that people downloading the free client won't get up-front. Again, the initial free experience is looking very good so far. Definitely give it a shot. (bah.. unintentional pun)

I'll smack some balls around later to get a more thorough look at the inner workings soon. I just figured you could use a quick reminder of the existence of this game so you can go snag the free client download and get on the course! Good stuff. I'll talk about it more soon.

Oh yeah... I'm late on this (sorry) but there's still time for you to power-level your way into the Shot-Online Summer Kickoff Festival. You have to register by 7/26/06 so it's cutting close.