Sherwood Dungeon Enters Open Beta

Gene Endrody from sent word that their new iteration of Sherwood has gone into open beta testing.  Sherwood Dungeon is a free MMOG that runs in a web browser using Shockwave tech, which supports up to 2000 simultaneous players.  It's a 3D world that honestly really surprised me when I logged in.  I've done some development in Shockwave 3D in the past, but didn't get all that far into it.  I knew a lot about what was possible, but it was great to see a MMO experience shape up this nicely in a web browser.  Of course, I'm sure I was just sleeping through other projects that have been out a while, considering the other offerings from  Color me clueless, I guess.

Sherwood Dungeon looks really nice and I look forward to playing it more.. and playing some other games over there.  Here's a post about the beta from their developer diary:

April 9, 2006
Sherwood Dungeon is in Open Beta.
I'm exhausted but very happy. It's taken seven months, but I hope Sherwood Dungeon lives up to expectations. This game features an infinitely deep dungeon filled with monsters and treasure. It includes character advancement, new weapons, magic rings and more. The new code base is faster and should provide a stable foundation for future enhancements. Sherwood Dungeon is in Open Beta, which means I'm still finding and fixing bugs.
Important Game Notes:
-Games are saved on exit and when you leave dungeon levels, but if you remove Shockwave from your computer, you will lose the saved game.
-The Dungeon entrance is in the Keep of Sherwood Castle. Player vs Player combat is valid only outside the Keep and away from the two smaller towers near the spawn point.
-The monsters get tougher the deeper you go, but you'll get more XP points. If you team up on a monster with a friend, the XP earned is based on the damage you do. The monsters in the Castle Level scale to level of the player, however you'll get only a small amount of experience from these. There's no level cap and the dungeon is infinitely deep.
-Make sure you keep re-equipping with higher level weapons as you go; you'll need them. The level of the weapon is listed along with the damage and magic bonus when you mouse over them in the equipment bar or inventory.
I hope you enjoy the game.
Gene Endrody