I need to play more games

"Need" is actually accurate here, I think.  I need to play more games this year.  I spent the majority of 2005 working through a really painful serious game project... pain, I say.  It was mostly fun due to the subject matter, but the process to get it done was brutal due to the parties involved.

 However, that project is almost behind me (one or two days of development left, I swear), and I am in dire need of brain relaxation time.  I didn't play nearly enough games last year and I endeavor to remedy that in The Six.  I've neglected a lot of new game announcements and there are games I'm freakin' paying for that don't get logged into nearly enough.

 Well.. that was useless to post, but maybe others feel the same.  I have plans to post my experiences in the various games I try out, so hopefully I can make time to do that.  It would be great to get some discussions started about game design and game theory issues in this whole MassMOG genre.  There are some decent games out and some very interesting goodies coming up.  For one, I'm hoping to roll the saving throw when confronted with the total crap.

Okay, back to work... couple days left and then I'm going to PLAY!!  (Well, for a while, at least... I don't want my wife thinking I'm talking about taking a month off or some such.  Whew!)

Thanks for dropping by.  Happy New Year! :)