ArchLord subscription model changes back to "normal"

I know there's a lot of ArchLord news from me right now and not much else... it's not a bias or anything. It just worked out that way this time. Today, I'm posting this because there's another story a few notches down that is now rendered irrelevant.

As I previously mentioned , Codemasters was trying out a "PlayPLUS" system for subscriptions, where players could decide how much to pay and they'd get more in-game goodies as they paid more cash. Apparently, during the beta phase testing, the community no likey that idea too much. In response to various feedback, the system will be switched to a more tradition model... pay $X per month for unlimited play. "The single monthly subscription will also include free credits for all players to redeem against in-game enhancements. All players will receive the same amount of credits as part of the single monthly subscription, providing a level playing field for all subscribers."

Well... so much for "innovative" and/or "revolutionary", I guess.